Ocean cruising provides access to popular ports all over the world with none of the annoying packing and unpacking involved with land travel. There are more days out at sea with no land in sight versus river cruises. Luxury ocean cruise providers have a wide range of options for room sizes, itineraries, cuisine, and excursions.  

Ocean Cruises

River cruising allows you to explore a region from the inside rather than skirting around it from the outside. River cruise ships are considerably smaller than ocean-going vessels and generally hold fewer than 200 people. The ship’s smaller draft allows them to drift along the world’s great rivers while offering passengers unparalleled access to fabulous cities and highly scenic vistas as they pass by castles, vineyards, and gorgeous pastoral scenes.

River Cruises

Expedition ships offer guests the ability to explore remote regions of the world in 4-5-star luxury. Think about expedition cruises like a safari at sea. These small purpose-built expedition vessels generally hold up to 200 passengers, and they can get you up close and personal with landscapes, flora, polar bears, penguins, pink dolphins, walruses, orcas, whales, and even the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.   .

Expedition Cruises

Most of our clients prefer to couple an itinerary either before or after their cruise...sometimes both. What better way to optimize your time in the region.  Think of a luxury river cruise experience down the Rhine River, with stops in quaint villages and castles, ending in Basel, Switzerland, where a luxury private car takes you on picturesque drive through the Swiss mountains to Lausanne. There, you spend four  days at a five star hotel experiencing some of the most amazing views in the world, sampling wine on the shores of Lac Lemon and boating across to Evian, France for a day.  


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